+1 button advanced to Google Sites [How To]

Posted by Prashant on September 18, 2011 in Google,How To

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Since the launch of Plus one button for web results, it has gone a long way. After Google Search results, +1 button was released for websites, then Google Plus launched, YouTube also got +1 button for its videos and soon Google started to extend +1 button to all other major Google services. Latest addition to this list is Google sites which allows anyone to add +button very easily to their Google sites.

How to add +1 button to Google sites?

To add +1 button to your Google site, you need to go Insert Menu and choose +1 button. You can put +1 button anywhere you want it to appear on your website. There are different sizes available for +1 button varying from small to medium, standard and tall.


After inserting the +1 button in your user can change the properties of +1 button like changing the size and enabling or disabling the count of no. of +1s.

plus one button in sites


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