10 Features of Kindle Touch You Might Not Know About

Posted by Prashant on August 16, 2012 in Kindle

Sometimes we don’t utilize few things to their full potential because of lack of knowledge. Kindle Touch is one such example. Majority of people just download and read books and don’t even know about what amazing things can be done using Kindle. We have listed 10 features of Kindle Touch which most of the users either don’t use or they don’t know about any such feature.

1. Add Personal Info: Have you ever thought what would you do if your Kindle is lost. I would assume that you would either file a complaint or simply be sorry about it and do nothing. At least you can add some personal information in your Kindle so that if it is found by a good samaritan , he can get your Kindle Back to you.

Steps to Add Personal Info to your Kindle:

On Home Screen , Go to Menu > Settings > Device Options > Personalize your Kindle > Personal Info. Here you can add some personal information about you which may help you in getting back your Kindle.  I would believe Name and Email id would be best bet.

2. Disable Public Notes and Highlights : When you read books on your Kindle, you would have seen Highlights and Notes made by other users. If you don’t want to see what other users have highlighted in the book, you can disable it for your Kindle.

Steps to Disable Public Notes and Highlights:

Disable Public Note: On Home Screen. Go to Menu > Settings > Reading Options > Public Notes

Disable Popular Highlights: On Home Screen, Go to Menu > Settings > Reading Options > Popular Highlights

3. Shut Down you Kindle : Pressing the power button on your kindle doesn’t shut it down but enables a screensaver. To completely power off you kindle , press and hold the Power Button for 7 seconds. To start your Kindle again, press and hold the power button for 20 seconds and your Kindle will boot again.

4. Link Kindle to Facebook and Twitter : Yes, you can use your Kindle to share Highlights with your friends on Facebook and followers on Twitter.  To Link your Kindle to your Facebook and Twitter account, on home screen, Go to Menu > Settings > Reading Options > Social Networks and touch ‘Link Account’ for Twitter or Facebook. You will be asked to enter your login details for the chosen social network and after successful authentication, your account will be connect.

Now to share Highlights on Facebook or Twitter,  press and hold on the highlighted text and then choose ‘Share’. You can add a message to be sent with a link to the passage and then share. This feature is not available in all countries.

5.  Save Battery by Switching off Wireless: Kindle is known to have a very good battery backup but if your Kindle has very little battery left  and there is no place to recharge it, you can get that extra battery by Switching off the Wireless. To switch of Wireless , on Home Screen , Go to Menu and choose ‘Turn Off Wireless’. You can also read ‘How to Improve Kindle battery

6. Loan Books to Friends: Amazon allows you to Loan Kindle books to your friends too. If you friend doesn’t own a kindle he/she can still read the book by using any kindle reader device or web based application.  But before you loan, here are few things to remember

  • You can loan a book only once for 14 days.
  • Publisher of book may decide whether the book can be lent or not. Before buying a book you can see if a book can be loaned or not by going through the details section of the book and see if Lending is enabled
  • You won’t be able to read the book during period of loan.
  • If you friend doesn’t accept the book in 7 days, it will automatically be returned to you.

How to Loan Kindle Books to Friends

  1. Log into Amazon.com and go to Manage your Kindle
  2. Click ‘ Actions’ button in front of book that you want to loan
  3. Select ‘ Loan this Title’ ( If this option doesn’t appear, it means that this book can’t be lent)
  4. Now, enter the personal email address of the person to whom you want to loan the book. You can also enter a personalized message.
  5. Email will be sent to the person with a link to the book. Borrower can log into Amazon.com with his account and can access the book.

After the book is accepted by the borrower he would have 14 days to finish the book. If he is finished reading the book, he can go to Manage My Kindle and then Delete the book and it will automatically return to your account.

7. Borrow Books from Local Library: Many Libraries in United States allow people to borrow eBooks on Kindle. You can get in touch with your Local Library to see if they also have the facility. This way you can access a vast resource of free books.

8. Listen to favorite music on Kindle: Kindle has speakers and headphones to support its Text to Speech feature. Kindle also allows you to listen to MP3 songs using this feature.

How to Listen to MP3 files on Kindle

  1. Connect your Kindle to computer using USB cable and then add MP3 files
  2. Disconnect your Kindle
  3. On Home Screen, Go to Menu > Experimental  and then choose MP3 Player.
  4. Kindle will start playing MP3 files in order they were added to it.

9. Unsubscribe from Special Offers on Screensaver: Have you already tried to get rid of special offers on Kindle Screensaver. Actually you won’t find any setting on your Kindle device to disable the screensaver but Amazon can help you on this but with a charge, usually around 40$.

Amazon is able to offer Kindle models at subsidized prices by delivering Special offers and sponsored screensavers. By unsubscribing Kindle will charge the difference between your kindle model and kindle with special offers model.” – Amazon

Steps to Unsubscribe from Special Offers on your Kindle

If you are ready to pay the difference amount to unsubscribe from special offers on your kindle, please follow the below steps.

Log into your Amazon account and go to ‘Manage my Kindle’ > Manage my Devices. Identify the Kindle for which you want to unsubscribe. Under ‘Special Offers’ , click Edit and then choose to Unsubscribe from special offers. Amazon will also display the price it’s going to charge for disabling this feature.

10. Send personal documents from multiple email ids: In a past post, we already explained how to send documents directly to your Kindle device. By default Amazon allows you to email personal documents from your email id registered on Amazon. This is primarily done to avoid spamming so that in case someone gets your Kindle email address, he / she shouldn’t be able to spam your Kindle.
To add another email address to approved list, Go to Manage your Kindle > Personal Document Settings.  Under ‘Approved Personal Document E-mail List” , click on Add a new approved e-mail address. Enter the email address and click ‘Add Address‘.

I hope that above tips would help you to utilize your Kindle to the fullest. If you are planning to buy a Kindle, you can read this post to help you choose between 4 models of Kindle available in the market. For all other Kindle tips please go to Kindle Section.

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