4 Great Ways for Speeding Up Firefox

Posted by Diya on July 10, 2011 in Browsers

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Mozilla Firefox is probably one of the best browsers today and it has a huge fan base, especially bloggers, web developers etc. Other browsers are gaining popularity too, especially Google Chrome. Microsoft is also trying to reinvent itself with Internet Explorer 8. This is one of the reason why Firefox is coming up with quick releases and trying to address issues.

Firefox is the most flexible browser, but it is a CPU hog as well. High consumption of CPU is the primary reason why people shift from Firefox. On my computers, be it Mac or a PC, I almost always find Firefox to be the top CPU consuming application. It usually takes up around 25% of the CPU. Imagine one application consuming 1/4th of your CPU !!! So, I decided to find tricks to make Firefox faster and here are 4 great ways for Speeding Up Firefox.

1. Install SpeedyFox

SpeedyFox is the most popular utility to speed up for Firefox. SpeedyFox tries to optimize the startup time of Firefox by doing different optimizations. Firefox, when installed cleanly in the beginning, is pretty fast but slows with the passage of time. Fragmentation of the user profiles and growing database size cause this slowness. SpeedyFox aims to improve the performance of Firefox by fixing these problems. It defragments the user profiles, which results in quicker startup times and also fixes the Firefox database which stores different user related data including browsing history, bookmarks, cookies and other settings.

speed up firefoxUsing SpeedyFox, I’ve witnessed a huge improvement in Firefox speed. Startup time improved by 2-3 times and I’ve much quicker operation with cookies and have speed-up browsing history. SpeedyFox is available for Windows and Mac OS X and can be downloaded from the developer’s site.

2. Use BarTab

Tabs is the most valuable features in all the browsers, yet they are the most CPU consuming ones. Try loading 10 – 20 tabs and your system will come to a stand still. BarTab works by loading the tabs when you actually want to visit them. It also allows you to free memory by unloading already loaded tabs, either manually or automatically. Get BarTab here.

3. Identify Slow Performing Add-ons

Add-ons make Firefox flexible and fun to use, but they made Firefox slow at the same time. You should avoid using any add-ons, which make Firefox slower. You can avoid using such add-ons by keeping them disabled and using only when needed. Even if it is installed, it should be disabled normally and enabled only when needed. Mozilla has provided a list of slow performing add-ons which you can use to your advantage.

4. Keep Your Download List Clean

Go to Tools -> Downloads and click on “Clear List”

This will improve your download time and prevents Firefox from crashing when the list grows huge. Please note that deleting download history will not delete your downloaded files. The files will remain in the download folder and only the history will be deleted.


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