5 Free & Gorgeous Retina Resolution Wallpapers for your iPad

Posted by Mayank on May 13, 2012 in Downloads

Great wallpapers help us be more cheerful and can beautify our day. For our readers, we will try and provide a few gorgeous wallpapers every week for your iPad, Mac or PC. Our collection of wallpapers can be found in the downloads section.

Today, we’re bringing 5 absolutely free and gorgeous wallpapers that have been sized for the new iPads retina display. These images are a whopping 2048×2048, which means that even if you don’t have a new iPad, the images are high resolution enough to function as desktop backgrounds for most Mac and PC displays too.

Go ahead, download them and beautify your computer or iPad.

Click the images below to open them in a new window.

Note that the pictures are hosted on InterfaceLift and require manually selecting the screen resolution which will make it easy to get the perfect resolution for your display.



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