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A Simple Trick to Automatically Find Deals You Want at Amazon

A Simple Trick to Automatically Find Deals You Want at Amazon

Posted by Mayank on December 6, 2011 in How To

Lately, I’ve been spending a lot of time trying to get the best deals for my Holiday shopping list, I’ve been trying to set up a few things, so that I’m ahead of the curve to get the best deals before they are sold out. During the Holiday season, prices vary a lot and retails try to lure customers by offering particular items at throwaway prices in anticipation that they will buy more products from them at the same time.

In simple terms, it means that you will get a huge discount at a particular item and you’ll give in to the temptation and end up buying more items which are not necessarily at a discount or available at a cheaper price at a different merchant.

I’ve been a big fan of Amazon and that is where I end up finding the best deals and a bulk of my purchases happen at Amazon. I’ve been pretty successful in finding amazing deals at Amazon with the least amount of effort. Everything is automated and a just a few minutes and a few clicks help me get the information which otherwise would have taken several minutes.

With some clear thinking and clever hacking, I developed a two way approach, which has saved me a lot of money as well as time. Interested? Here’s the trick in its step-by-step glory:

Approach # 1:

find amazon products at 99% discountFind Amazon products available at an amazing discount. I wrote a post earlier on how to find Amazon products at 99% discount. This approach can be used to find Amazon products at any numeric value between 1 and 99, be it 99% or 90% or 80% or 70%. I’ve been pretty successful in finding deals I’m looking for in the range of 35% to 70% discount. In this approach you provide the level of discount you’re looking for and you have the option to select products available at that particular discount.



Approach # 2:

amazon gold boxLets talk about approach # 2, which is my first post about it. This approach makes use of Amazon Gold Box feature. Amazon has a feature called Gold Box, where they collect a bunch of hugely discounted items from across their site each day. The deals are a mixed bag of stuff – one might be a workshop item, another might be a PS3, another one might be towel, and so on.

Amazon Gold Box gives a new deal every day – targeting bargain hunters. Amazon calls it “Deal of the Day.” You really don’t need “Deal of the Day” as you can filter out a lot of stuff, which you’re not looking at and by doing so, you not only save time, but save yourself from temptation.

Amazon makes such deals available via their Gold Box RSS feed. It’s basically a single page view of most of the recently available Gold Box deals, all on one page:


Next, head over to Feedsifter.com and provide the Amazon feed URL (http://rssfeeds.s3.amazonaws.com/goldbox) in Feed URL box and provide a search term per line (as shown below). Feed Sifter, as the name suggests, lets you filter out items from a RSS feed, as per your criteria.

When you click on the “Filter my Feed” button, you’ll get an option to subscribe to the filtered feed.

Once subscribed, you will get the RSS feed whenever your item of interest gets featured.

Tip: You will have to keep the Feed Sifter updated as you need changes. For example, today you might need a PS3 console, but tomorrow you’ll need a PS3 game and not a console. Also, you can add this feed to your iGoogle homepage, so that it shows up every time you open iGoogle.


Hope you liked this clever hack. If you wish to get similar clever hacks, like our Facebook Page and don’t forget to add Apurva Tripathi and Prashant Tyagi on Google+ for such tips and other amazing stuff.

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