Access Multiple Google Plus accounts simultaneously [How To]

Posted by Prashant on August 31, 2011 in Google+,How To,Social Networking

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Google Plus is not yet launched for businesses but when it will be, we might have people using multiple Google+ accounts. If you want to access multiple Google+ account simultaneously you can enable multiple signin feature for your Google Accounts.  For Iphone or Ipad owner , there is an app which will solve your purpose and allows you to sign into Google Plus with 3 different account simultaneously. If you don’t have a Google+ account yet, this app will help you get that one too. Lets check out what this app is and what are its features?

Accessing Multiple Google Plus accounts simultaneously

“Cool App for Google Plus”  is developed by MMobileDev and helps you easily manage and use multiple Google+ accounts quickly with full support for Stream, Photos, Circles, Profile, Notification etc. and with lot of productivity and time saving features. Below are unique features of “Cool App for Google Plus”

  • Manage up to 3 Google+ account securely and easily
  • Support auto login with any of your 3 Google+ accounts
  • Supports one click switching between accounts
  • Don’t need to enter your password everytime to check your streams or circles
  • Supports passcode to protect your accounts and usage of this app
  • Support “Google+ Invitation Request” directly in this app, so if you don’t have Google+ account yet, just tap the request and invitation will be sent to you

cool app for google plus

cool app for google plus2

In addition to all the features which Google+ official app has, this app also shows sparks in Ipad version of the app. With so many awesome features this available is a must have for any Google+ user and is available only for .99 dollars in Apple Store. You can directly get the app from Apple App Store here.

Download IPhone version of App

Download IPad version of App

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