Adobe Reader for iOS and Android Devices Gets Major Uplift

Posted by Mayank on April 10, 2012 in Offer

Adobe has announced major upgrades for Adobe Reader for iOS and Android devices. These features are immediately available for download on iPads, iPhones, iPods and Android phones and tablets. Read on for the highlights of what’s new in this release.

Create Sticky Notes in PDF

You can now create sticky note comments and place them anywhere on the pdf. You can modify existing sticky note comments, or move them to a different location on the page, or delete them. And all this with simple touch gestures! – Remember, we’re talking about smart phones and tablets.


Highlight, Strikeout and Underline in PDF

Adobe Reader 10.2 supports Highlights, Strikeouts and Underlines apart from other markup annotations like creation, modification and deletion. Also, the Reader allows you to change properties such as color and opacity of text markup annotations, or clear/delete a comment, by simply selecting it and using the context menu.


Free-hand Drawing Tool for PDF

Reader 10.2 brings with it full support for creating free-hand annotations – just choose the ‘Freehand’ option from the context menu, or the Pencil button from the Commenting Toolbar, and you’ll be presented with a full-screen canvas where you can showoff your artistic talents! You can also modify properties of an existing drawing such as color, opacity and thickness, and choose to move/resize or delete a drawing that you no longer need.

Ink Signature in PDF

Reader 10.2 lets you place your signature right within the pdf document.


Create Links in PDF

Reader 10.2 introduces support for both intra-document links (like Table of Contents) and web links. Also, it’s easy in Reader 10.2 to identify such links as they’ll show up with a light blue background.


Document Security

If the author of the PDF document has disallowed certain features like commenting, then Adobe Reader 10.2 will honor that and will not allow commenting on it.

Search files in File Browser

You will now be able to quickly search for files in your Documents list. On iOS, just scroll the documents list down and you’ll see the Search Bar emerge from the top; and on Android, tap on the search glass icon on the top right to bring up the Search Bar. As you start typing the name (or part of name) of the document you’re looking for, the search list will be filtered based on that text. Also, there is  enhancement to the File Browser is the display of thumbnails for files recently opened in the Reader. This makes it easy to identify recently viewed files, and provides for a richer experience.


Apart from these, there have been several other minor enhancements and modifications. You can get the details at the Adobe blog.

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