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Posted by Diya on May 20, 2011 in GMail,Google

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Like Facebook, majority of people have a GMail account too. Gtalk is one of the most commonly used chat messenger now a days. But limitation of all chat messengers is that you can only chat with friends who have an account with same chat messenger provider. For eg. to to chat in yahoo messenger you and your friend both need to have a yahoo account. Same is case even with Facebook and Rediff bol too. I have few friends who have account with other service providers but do not want to create Gmail accounts for some reasons of their own.To chat with them I have to use 2-3 different chat messengers and in this way my friend list is not complete on any one chat messenger. But now with gtalk few things have changed for good.

Now you can add your friends in gtalk chat list who have an AIM account.  YES, you read it absolutely right. Just go to gtalk and enter the AIM id of your friend and send invite for chat and his id will appear in your gtalk contact list.

AIM in gtalk


You also don’t need to have any AOL account to add your friends. In your Gtalk chat list, AOL friends will have below sign in front of their name and hence can be easily distinguished from Gtalk friends.

AIM Buddy in Contact list

Isn’t it great.. ! Absolutely it is and has really made life a bit simple for me. HAPPY CHATTING..!

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