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Posted by Prashant on September 29, 2011 in Kindle


With the launch of 4 versions of Amazon Kindle, Amazon has still retained its the most popular original ebook reader ‘Kindle‘ though it has made the new Kindle much faster, smaller and lighter than its predecessor. Fitted with most advanced E link Display, Amazon Kindle battery can go upto 1 month without recharge and store as many as 1400 books. It also offers a free cloud backup and has built in Wi-Fi to connect to hotspots at home or outside. New Kindle is 30% lighter, weighs less than 6 ounces and its size has been reduced by 18% to make it more easy to fit into your pocket. Over 8000,000 books are $9.99 or less and if you don’t want to buy then you can also borrow books from your public library.


Given the above awesome qualities of new Amazon Kindle, here are the main highlighted features :

  • Most Advanced E Link Display
  • Read in Bright Sun Light
  • Free Cloud Backup
  • Free Book Samples
  • Free Out of Copyright Books
  • Very Low Book Prices (Over 8000,000 titles are $9.44 or under)
  • Built in Wi Fi (Free Wireless at AT&T hotspots across the U.S)
  • Faster Page Turns
  • Allows you to Borrow Books from Library
  • Over 1 million books, newspaper and magazines
  • Long lasting one month battery
  • Books bought once can be accessed on your iPad, iPhone, Android Phones, BlackBerry, Mac, PC & many other devices
  • Synchronization across all the devices makes you not to worry about last read page. Use any device and it will show the last read page always
  • Adjustable Text Sizes


Amazon Kindle has less features than Amazon Fire, Amazon Touch, Kindle Keyboard but for the price of $79 it’s best thing to buy and is readily available in Amazon store. If you want to read the review of Kindle Fire, you can read this article.

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