Android Market is gone, Say Hi to Google Play

Posted by Prashant on March 8, 2012 in Android,Google,Interviews

Google Play









Google has rebranded its Android market for apps into the new Google Play which also includes Google Music and Google ebook store. Soon Google Market icons on your Android phone or tablet will change to new Google Play icon. Google Play can also be accessed on the web on Just go ahead and buy any app, music or ebook and these will be available on your Android devices within no time. No Synching required as everything is automatic.


It will take some time for Google Market app on Android phone to update to Google Play app but it’s already live on the web. Currently Google Market Apps are available almost globally while movies and ebooks can be downloaded from US,UK, Canada, Japan (movies only) and Australia (ebooks only). Google Music is still for US market only. Android market is expanding very fast and it’s the right time for Google to merge Google Music, ebook Store and Android Market into Google Play.

Google Play

To expand the reach of Google Play , Google is offering discounts on movies and apps for the first 7 days. You should definitely visit and utilize this opportunity. Also let us know your experience with new Google Play in our comments section below or post on our FB Page.


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