Be Among 1st Ones to get update on EarthQuakes in Your Region

Posted by Prashant on May 21, 2012 in How To,Website

Do you know there were more than 7000 earthquakes in past 30 days and next one could be just around the corner. Earthquakes have created havoc and huge tsunamis in the past. You can monitor earthquakes all over the world and get an real time notification as soon as it happens in your region courtesy USGS. USGS department in USA have an online monitoring system which provides real time update of earthquakes around the world and update is provided by numerous monitoring system installed in different continents.

Now you can utilize this tool to check where the earthquakes are happening around the world whether it’s Africa, Asia , Europe or your next state. By default, map will show earthquake with magnitude between 2.5 and 10 and update are provided every 5 minutes alongwith the depth of earthquake and it’s shake intensity. Here is the USGS link to monitor the earthquake


In the meantime , I was writing this article, 2 earthquakes with magnitude of 4.9 and 5.6 struck in Bulgaria, though there weren’t reported anywhere but USGS monitoring system. You can also subscribe to ENS (Event Notification System) which will send an email notification whenever next earthquake is felt in your region.

Always Remember “Better Safe than Sorry” .

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