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Posted by Mayank on September 18, 2011 in Apple,Mac

Mellel is the absolute best Word processor you may have never heard of. Conceived and developed for Mac OS X. Mellel is now in its 10th year of being regarded as the finest tool for those working with long documents like thesis and dissertation. Mellel is equally capable of tackling more modest jobs of unmatched flexibility and customization.

Mellel comes equipped with a lot of tools for the job, allowing you to control every little aspect of your footnotes, track changes, cross-reference, table of contents, citations, images, bibliography, sorting, style, lists, and so on – while keeping things well in control.

Awesome Features of Mellel:

  • Remains agile and reliable even when you’re working with a 400 page document with hundreds of notes, images, cross-reference, citations etc.
  • Mellel is very reliable – does not crash.
  • Multilingual – Works with several languages like Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Greek etc.
  • Allows you to track changes and collaborate easily with multiple authors and writers.
  • Allows running headers – headers, which change with chapters and sub-chapters in the document.

If You’re Serious About Writing ..

mellel way things lookMellel is a powerful and reliable word processor for people, who are serious about writing. Mellel was designed to allow you to create long and sophisticated documents – from a book to a dissertation or just a letter to your aunt! Mellel is arguably the most powerful word processor for Mac OS.

Looks matter, and Mellel has no competitors when it comes to controlling the way your document looks and creating consistent, predictable, and beautiful looking results.

Mellel allows a great deal of flexibility when setting columns or text and all this flexibility does not come at the expense of getting the resuts you want to get. Images with text flowing around them stay where you set them to stay, columns stay balanced, and headings won’t go strolling down the page just for fun.

Get In Control

mellel control powerWith Mellel, it is very easy to get your documents in order, and keep them ordered. As a document gets longer, it gets harder to keep all things in it in order. Mellel has a feature called “Outline” to achieve just that. The outline pane gives you a bird’s eye view of your entire document, telling you where you are, and lets you move things around easily.

To streamline your document’s content, you can view elements such as captions for figures, tables, charts, and so on separately – and review them one by one.


Design Your Headings

mellel design headingsWith Mellel you can set your title to look differently than its numbering, set which headings will be numbered and if they’ll reset the numbering, set headings to always appear at the top of the page, add a running header that changes dynamically, insert tabs and line breaks in a heading (but not in the ToC), set the content of the outline (to include just the title, for example), force appending body text to headings, and so on.

With most of those, Mellel is the only word processor that allows you to do this automatically and reliably. You control how your document headings look, how the outline will look, how your Table of Contents will look, and so on. Once you’ve tried this with Mellel, it would be tough imagining how you could do without those up until now.


Give Mellel a try and you’ll never regret your decision.

Mellel is available in Mac Store for $39.99 and is compatible with Mac OS X Lion 10.7

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