Card Nanny Helps You Manage Your Budget and Personal Finance Online

Posted by Prashant on April 3, 2013 in Review

Card Nanny is online monthly budget planner software useful in creating and managing targeted budget goals, as well as managing your monthly income and expenses.  I’ve been using it for over a month and have gained few benefits from it so thought of sharing it with you. After entering the income and expenses, budgeting goals really opened my eyes in terms of actual money I was spending.


Using Card Nanny could be your first step towards money management and with ease of managing personal finance online, it can become your long term budget planning software. Below are few of the features of Card Nanny:

Maintain Budget:  Once you create a Card Nanny account, you can start adding you income and expenses. You can also add your bank and credit card accounts as well as setup recurring expenses like house rent, utility bills.


Create & Track Budgeting Goals: Setting up budgeting goals will help you record your expenditure and track how far you’re from your goal. This analysis will help you manage your budget in a proper and organized manner. More goals you set, better it will be for you in long term as over the period you will identify the areas that needs your attention. If you are not good at money management skills like me, then this feature will surely open your eyes.


Stores Receipts & Warranties: You can also store your receipts and warranties in your Card Nanny account. Warranty Manager will show the list of the purchased products sorted with their warranty expiration date. List can be easily retrieved from the account with few clicks. Receipts can be stored by simply uploading the photograph of the receipt in your account. Card Nanny acts a big file to keep all your receipts.

Helps in getting higher Credit Score: Though Card Nanny doesn’t retrieve your credit scores from agencies, but if you enter your scores, it will chart them. Setting up reminders can help you pay bill and loans on time which will in turn improve your credit score.

Set Up Reminders: Card Nanny can also remind you about important things like paying the rent, loan or car oil change etc. You will receive a reminder email/text from Card Nanny about the upcoming task.

Card Nanny currently offers these services online and if they launch an iPhone/iPad app for the same, it could be really good competition for Mint.

With a monthly membership of only $5.95, you can manage your personal finance online and given that it comes with a 30 day money back guarantee, it won’t harm to try this monthly budget planner software by Card Nanny.

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