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Creating Public and Private Space on Posterous

Creating Public and Private Space on Posterous [How To]

Posted by Prashant on September 18, 2011 in How To,Website

posterous space

Posterous is a blogging website which allows users to create blog and provides multiple ways to organize the content and also allows them to post via phone app, web interface & email. User can create and schedule posts and can also change the theme of their existing blog.

What are Posterous Spaces?

Recently Posterous launched “Posterous Spaces” which are considered to be quite similar to Google Plus circles. Users can create public and private space which they can share with a select number of people. Public spaces will be visible to anyone on web whereas private spaces will be available to only those whom you have invited to view it.

How to create Public & Private Spaces on Posterous?

Log into Posterous and go to Spaces tab and then decide whether you want to create a Public Space and Private Space. To create a Public space , click on ‘Public Space’ which will open up a pop window for you to enter few details for new space.

creating posterous spaces

creating public space

Space Name: Enter any name for your Public Space. This will be title of your Public space and can be changed later.

URL: This is the Public URL for your Public Space and can be viewed by anyone. By default posterous will enter this field but you can modify it to meet your requirements. This URL can also be changed later and is required field.

Description: Enter description if you want to let the visitors know what your Public space is all about.

Once you are done entering all the details and chosen a URL for your Public Space, Click on ‘Create’ new Public Space.

┬áIf the URL that you chose is not available, you’ll be asked to choose a new URL for your space.



After the Public space is successfully created it will be visible under your Spaces and then you can start writing posting.

new space

Similarly you can create private space on posterous which will not be made public and can only be accessed by those whom you have invited.

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