Customize OS X : Change Position of the Dock [How to]

Posted by Mayank on September 16, 2011 in Apple,Mac

Mac OS X lets you customize the Dock in a number of ways. You can experiment with all the options available and use the one, which best suits you. These options are similar to what you have in Windows – you can do a few things with the Windows Toolbar. However, with Mac, there are a few more options available.

In order to customize your Mac Dock, you need to go to the Apple symbol at the top left of your monitor and choose Dock from the same Apple menu. From the dropdown, select Dock Preferences, a dialog will open giving you access to all of the available Dock customization options.

change position of the dock

You can change position of the Dock in the following ways:

  • Turn Hiding On – By default the dock sticks to the bottom of your scree. You can make it to hide, so that you get more screen coverage area.
  • Turn Magnification On – If you turn Magnification On, as you hover over the dock, the current application or document over which the mouse is – gets magnified
  • Position on Left – You can make the dock stand vertically, sticking to the left side of the screen (shown below).
  • Position on Bottom – default option
  • Position on Right – You can make the dock stand vertically, sticking to the right side of the screen.
  • Preferences – When you choose preferences, you get a few of the above and a few more options like – change the size of the Dock, select the effect (Genie or Scale) used to minimize a window, check the Animate box, which makes the icon for an application bounce when you open it.

dock position on left

Try the several options available and use the one, which you’re most comfortable with. Or you can also do like me – keep changing it every now and then to keep things interesting.

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