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Despite the advances in wireless technology the cable-free future we’ve all been waiting for hasn’t arrived yet. What has arrived is more and more devices we want to own, more wires and more clutter. Whether you’re wrangling network cables, peripheral cables, or a nest of charging cables, we want to hear your cable clutter busting tips and tricks.

Lets have a look at a few interesting solutions to declutter your desk and manage wires properly and effectively. Choose a solution which best suits you.

1. Wire Blooms Decorative Cable Clips

Wire Blooms Decorative Cable Clips make attaching wires to the wall a creative task, and make the wires part of the room decoration.

Declutter your desk | Cable Orgaziners

2. Cable Monkey Cable Organizer

You can use the Cable Monkey anywhere you might otherwise use a zip tie, wire twist or clip. Organize your cables by wrapping the monkey’s arms around them.

Declutter your desk | Cable Orgaziners

3. Goldensunsky Leaf Keepers Nylon Cable Tie Wire Tree Plant

These gorgeous ties add botanical flair to your cables with the simple addition of little leaves that make a functional object fun. Available in six colors, they cost $7 for a pack of 12.

Declutter your desk | Cable Orgaziners

4. Quirky Cordies Desktop Cable Management

Quirky Cordies Desktop Cable Management is an ideal solution for power cords and charging accessory cables. It is an ideal solution for smaller cables. It is not a good enough solution for larger cables (like external hard drives and audio cords).

Declutter your desk | Cable Orgaziners

5. Flexi Ties

Flexi Ties is an easy, flexible solution to organize the cables. Simply twist to wind and unwind to release. Soft cushion surface that does not cut into insulations.

Declutter your desk | Cable Orgaziners

6. Blue Lounge Design CableDrop Cable Management System

CableDrops hold onto your wires so when you unplug your gadget you won’t have to scramble before it drops down the back of your desk. It’s a simple concept, but if you stick these on your work station, you’ll soon wonder how you lived without them. In “bright” or “muted” shades, a set of six costs $9.95.

Declutter your desk | Cable Orgaziners

7. Dotz

Dotz is especially effective for those who often have difficulty managing the identity of your cables. Dotz Cable Straps come in multiple colors and behave as a permanent zip-tie solution. You can label each of your important cords and never lose track of them again.

Declutter your desk | Cable Orgaziners


8. Case Logic GPS & Media Self Attaching Cable Ties

You have to wrap the entire tie around the cables until the hooks and loops meet at the end. Nice colors add the zing!

Declutter your desk | Cable Orgaziners

9. Velcro Hook and Loop Cable Ties

Declutter your desk | Cable Orgaziners

10. Cable Box Mini

Cable Box Mini is more of a ‘out of sight, out of mind’ solution rather than actually getting organized. It is available in five funky colors for $29.95.

Declutter your desk | Cable Orgaziners

11. Fork and Sause

Quite a unique idea you certainly won’t run into elsewhere. This cable organizer comes packaged with a ‘fork’ and a base, along with a simple instruction manual. It’s rather intuitive to cut down on extra cable length using this awesome tool. You could additionally hold other cords in place, similar to a cable drop.

Declutter your desk | Cable Orgaziners


12. CableClip

As the name implies, CableClip is perfect for rounding up all those loose cables you have lying around. A very heavy-duty product, it carries a considerate $10 price tag.

Declutter your desk | Cable Orgaziners


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