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Inferno Codex Review : Rating: ★★★★★

Diablo 3 debuted on May 15th and has taken the gaming world by storm. It went on to become the fastest selling PC game of all time, leaving behind World of Warcraft games. Consider this – Diablo II was released 12 years ago. A lot has changed in the last 12 years. 3 Summer Olympics have gone by, two full scale wars, economic meltdown, rise of companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter and Apple – a lot has happened! Activision Blizzard sold 3.5 million copies of Diablo III in the first day the game was released.

Reviews of Diablo 3 have been positive – Diablo III is considered to be devilishly captivating and addictive action role-playing game.

What is Inferno Codex

Some of the best players in the world came together to write a strategy guide for Diablo 3. Inferno Codex is a result of that. Many of these players hail from top 10 guilds such as Ensidia, Premonition, and Exodus from World of Warcraft, or Maximization from Rift. PvP experts that reached Gladiator status in World of Warcraft across multiple seasons, brackets, and classes have also been part of this strategy guide creation.

Needless to say these players are competitive and play he best. Having spent untold amounts of time playing Diablo 2 and countless hours playing Diablo 3 before the game even came out – they now have the opportunity to share their extensive understanding of Diablo 3 with you.

Inferno Codex library is constantly updated to give you the most accurate and up to date information available anywhere online. All the hard work along with painstaking math, research and testing results in the best builds, the best items, the best rotations, and the best strategies are for every aspect of the Diablo 3.

Inferno Codex guides only cover the best class builds and rune choices. At the same time they also provide in-depth guides and walkthroughs for leveling, questing, soloing, grouping, itemization, stats, boss strategies, class mechanics, side areas and bonus quests, and more.

Features of Inferno Codex

  • Quest Guide
  • Beginner’s Guide
  • Gold Guide
  • Class Guide
  • Inferno Guide
  • Power Leveling
  • Boss Strategies
  • Artisan Guide
  • Skill Runes Guide

Inferno Code Review

By level 20 in Diablo 3, there are over 1000 possible active and passive skill and rune combos for each class. By level 60, this number reaches the billions. Instead of wasting hundreds of hours and dying countless times experimenting with subpar builds, you could be confident that you are using the best build and rotation for whatever you want to do.

Picking the perfect combination of active skills, runes, and passive skills can turn even poorly geared characters into leveling and farming machine. Worst still – there are literally millions of possible skill and rune combos for each class, picking the perfect build can literally take weeks of trial and error. Inferno Codex handles this for you, giving you level-by-level break downs of the best skill and rune combinations for every class in the game.

With Inferno Codex, you will discover how to play like a pro from the first day. Become the player that every one seeks help from. Become the player that everyone wants in their groups. Inferno Codex offers all guild leaders and guild members a major discount. All the money you save could help you fund your guild website, or perhaps even create one.

All of the strategies in Inferno Codex are 100% legitimate and will not get your character banned. There is no need to cheat when you have Inferno Codex. There is even a daily live podcasts and where you can watch the pros in action beating high level bosses and fast gold runs.

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Inferno Codex : Rating: ★★★★★

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