Do users really like Google Plus?

Posted by Prashant on September 12, 2011 in Google,Google+,Social Networking

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Yes, this was question that came up in my mind when I read so many heated discussion regarding Google Plus popularity. Google Plus came as a blow of wind and millions of people created their account and very soon Google Plus was declared fastest every growing social networking site with reaching 25 million users in few weeks. Facebook and Twitter took far more time to reach the same number which Google Plus backed by ¬†Google’s brand name was able to achieve in just no time.

Google Plus became active platform primarily for Bloggers, Photographers, Celebrities and top gainers were Google Plus team members whose name were not known to many earlier but now they boast of thousands of followers. Google Plus kept on launching new features quite frequently, integrating different Google services and giving its major services similar look. While all this thing was happening, Google didn’t notice that how its users were thinking about Google Plus and majority of these users switched from Twitter and Facebook with very high expectations from Google Plus. Google Plus was flexing its muscles and Facebook was also strengthening itself by launching new features and addressing users issues.

To analyze a little bit about users reaction on Google Plus I decided to search what users are discussing publicly on Google Plus. Below are few results of my post search on Google Plus.

Query : “I hate Google+”


I hate Google+

Query: “I don’t like Google Plus”


Don't like Google+

Above results shows that there are good number of users who are publicly saying that either they don’t like Google Plus or hate Google Plus. These posts would have been seen directly by other users who have added them in their circles. But there are also users who have declared that they love Google Plus and count of this group is way higher than our above group.

Query: “I love Google+”


I love Google+

If you want to get more info regarding Google Plus, we’ve also listed best resources to get Google Plus updates.

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