Dock Hacks in OS X Mountain Lion

Posted by Mayank on August 1, 2012 in Mac

The Dock is the bar of icons of applications that sit at the bottom or side of your screen. It provides easy access to some of the applications on your Mac (such as Mail, Safari, Address Book, and QuickTime Player), displays which applications are currently running, and holds windows in their minimized state. For your convenience, you can add your own applications, files, and folders to the Dock too.

You can also add or remove applications from the Dock.

While the default settings of the Dock work the best, however, there are a few options in Dock just for fun as well!

Let’s see how to change Dock settings in Mac OS X Mountain Lion

Go to System Preferences -> Dock and you will see a screen similar to shown below

Size lets you change the size of the Dock items.

When you check or enable Magnification – the applications get magnified when you search a particular item in the Dock

There are 3 options for Position – Bottom is the default. Left position stacks the Dock to the left of your monitor and right stacks up the Dock to the right of the monitor. Very few people use left or right positions for the dock.

When you minimize a window, your Mac animates the process using the Genie Effect to suck the window into the Dock. Same thing goes for when you click a minimized window to bring it back to its normal state. Apart from Genie Effect, you can also select Scale Effect.

You also have the following options. You can select or deselect for any combination of the below:

  1. Double-click a window’s title bar to minimize
  2. Minimize windows into application icon
  3. Animate opening applications
  4. Automatically hide and show the Dock
  5. Show indicator lights for Open applications.

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