DOS Attacks

Posted by Diya on May 25, 2011 in Interestingness,Uncategorized

access denied

DOS or ‘Denial of Services’ attacks flood a server with false requests for information, overwhelming the system which ultimately crashes.During normal scenario whenever a client needs to connect to server, it sends request to server which authenticates the client and acknowledges it. Client – Server connection remains established for further request processing.

Incase of DOS attack, client send the request to server but when server tries to acknowledge the client, client can’t be located. It happens because client was running with a fake address when it contacted the server and now server cannot locate the client address. Server waits for few minutes before disconnecting but as soon as it closes the connection another false request is sent by client using another fake address and server again gets struck responding to it. Multiple false requests blocks the server resources and unable to handle the load server finally crashes.

DDOS i.e. Distributed Denial of Services attack uses your resource to attack another computer/server. Attacker can take control of your computer and then initiate the attack from your computer. Usually there are multiple computers that are used for the attack. Best way to restrict attack is to install antivirus software, firewall and follow good security practices.

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