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Posted by Mayank on October 16, 2012 in Dropbox

Dropbox is a free service that lets you bring all your photos, docs, and videos anywhere. This means that any file you save to your Dropbox will automatically save to all your computers, phones and even the Dropbox website.

Dropbox also makes it super easy to share with others, whether you’re a student or professional, parent or grandparent. Even if you accidentally spill a latte on your laptop, have no fear! You can relax knowing that Dropbox always has you covered, and none of your stuff will ever be lost.

No wonder, Dropbox has seen tremendous signups and people just love Dropbox! Even Apple tried to buy Dropbox, but unfortunately they could not as the guys at Dropbox were not ready to sell out.

Enough said! If you still do not have a Dropbox account. Get it Here for free.

If you would like to download and play music directly from your Dropbox account, there are 2 iOS Dropbox Audio Player apps, which will let you do so. You can stram music directlty from your Dropbox account or even from you friend’s shared folder.

Dropbox Audio Player Apps:

1. Notebox

dropbox audio playerNotebox allows you to download and play music directly from your Dropbox account or a friend’s using shared folders. Notebox downloads music to your iOS device on the go and keeps it there, so you don’t run up data from streaming music over and over. Share Dropbox folders with friends and keep up on the latest music.

Notebox will scan your entire Dropbox and present a full, searchable music listing to you. Just tap the “+” button in the upper left to select songs for downloading. With Notebox you can also add mp3s from your iPod library to the playlist, so you’re not restricted to just your Dropbox account.

The “Now Playing” screen allows you to skip ahead or back by dragging the slidebar just like the iPod application. While using other apps, you can control the music playing in Notebox. Just swipe to the right on the multi-tasking tray. While your device is locked you can control Notebox by double-pressing the Home button.

Notebox is available in the Apple iTunes Store.

2. Tunebox

dropbox audio playerTunebox lets you listen to all the music in your Dropbox account, anywhere you go. Tunebox organizes the music in your Dropbox account, so you can browse by artist, album or song, and play with a full featured music player.

The first time you run Tunebox, it finds all the audio files in your Dropbox, then indexes and organizes them for you. You can start listening to music while it’s doing this, and when it’s done, you’ll have your whole library on the go.

NOTE: At this time, Tunebox can automatically find up to 1,000 mp3s and 1,000 m4as in your Dropbox account. If you have more music, that’s fine, but you may need to browse to the folder containing an album once for Tunebox before can “see” it. We’ve tested extensively with HUGE music libraries, so the good news is that once you’ve got all your music recognized by the app it will work and perform well.

Tunebox is available in the Apple iTunes Store.

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