Easy Tips for Kindle Touch

Posted by Mayank on December 8, 2011 in Kindle

Since, you’re reading this post, we assume that you’ve already bought a Kindle Touch. Congratulations! If you’re still undecided yet, you can have a look at our Kindle Touch Review.

This post is for the benefit of Kindle Touch users to help them use their Kindle effectively.

Tips for Kindle Touch:

1. How to turn pages in Kindle Touch:

Kindle Touch lets you use either hand to turn pages in Kindle Touch. Kindle screen is smartly designed in two parts. most part of the screen lets you turn to the next page upon tapping. Details in the picture shown below.

how to turn pages in Kindle

2. Top of the screen shortcut:

You can tap top of the screen to show the menu and toolbar as shown below:

kindle top of the screen shortcut

3. How to organize your Kindle Library:

Organizing your Kindle library is easy. When you tap the name of the book, you will be able to open the book. To have more option with the book like searching a document, making notes and marks, deleting a document, adding it to a collection etc, you need to tap and hold for more option (as shown below):

how to organize your kindle library

4. Learn more in Kindle:

To learn more or to start using Kindle immediately, press the home button as shown below:

kindle learn more

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