Enable Split Keyboard on iPad [How To]

Posted by Prashant on March 13, 2012 in Apple,How To,iPad

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The new iPad is already out in market and many people have preordered the first shipment of this new iPad. As an iPad owner you might know how useful and smart this tablet is. Usually most of the apps doesn’t need you to type a lot but for taking notes or writing emails etc. you need the virtual keyboard (unless you’ve bought bluetooth keyboard for iPad). Whenever you select a field that needs an text input from user, virtual keyboard will appear automatically.

While typing on this virtual keyboard, it sometimes gets difficult when you don’t have a stand for the ipad or you’re holding this tablet in your hand. If you want to use typing feature of iPad’s virtual keyboard while holding it in your hand then the best way to do this task is by splitting the virtual keyboard . By doing so, you can hold the iPad in your hands and can type using your 2 thumbs.

How to Enable Split Keyboard on iPad?

To enable the split keyboard, first go to any field on a page or any app which requires a keyboard input. Virtual keyboard will automatically appear at the bottom of the iPad screen. Now click & hold the small Keyboard button on the bottom right corner of this virtual keyboard. It will show 2 options i.e. ‘Undock’ and ‘Split’.  Selecting ‘Split’ will split the keyboard into 2 and keyboard will move in the the center half of the screen for easy usage.

How to Disable Split Keyboard on iPad?

If you want to disable the split keyboard then again touch and press the small keyboard button on the bottom right corner of virtual keyboard and select ‘Dock and Merge’. Now the split keyboard will join to become single keyboard and it will again return at the bottom of iPad Screen.

 I am pretty sure that split keyboard is definitely going to increase your typing speed on iPad.

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