Facebook adds Translations to Pages

Posted by Prashant on October 5, 2011 in Facebook

Facebook Translations

Facebook has secretly launched the Post Translation for a public page’s post. Powered by Bing, now users will be able to translate a post, submit their own translations and if more people votes for their inline translation then it will replace the Bing translation. By default Bing automatically offers a translation for each public post that appears on a page. If people click on the ‘Translate’ link below each post then they will be able to see the Bing translation for that particular post.

You will be only able to see the Translate link if the post is in a different language from the one that you’re using on the site. This feature is currently available to people in Korea, Japan, Russia, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Translation for Facebook Page Admins

Facebook Page admins can also manage the inline translation of a particular post. Whenever any user translate the post then you as a page admin have an option to approve the translation or translate it yourself.
Log in as Page Admin and Click ‘Manage Translations‘ link under your post which will open up a popout window showing available options to control the inline translations. Page Admins can enter their own translations or can choose one from the drop down menu on the top of the popout window.

Control Translation From

Page admins can control the Page translations by choosing the type of translation they want to allow for their page. There are 4 options i.e.

  • Admin, community and machine translators
  • Community and machine translators [Default]
  • Machine translators
  • None

facebook translations

Go to ‘Edit Page‘ link on the top right corner of your Facebook page and then go to ‘Your Settings‘. In the right hand frame you will see ‘Translations From’ with¬† 4 options as shown above.¬† You can select whichever suits you the best.


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