Facebook started using Photo DNA to analyze images

Posted by Prashant on June 17, 2011 in Facebook,Social Networking

photo dna

Facebook is about to rollout PhotoDNA, a new technology from Microsoft that will help facebook keep the site free of offensive and harmful photos. Charlotte from Facebook safety team wrote on facebook blog that FB is excited about the impact this tool will have in getting this content off the site and hopefully resulting in arrests and criminal convictions for the worst perpetrators.
In 2009, Microsoft working with Dartmouth college developed PhotoDNA, a technology which aids in finding and removing some of worst images of child sexual exploitations from the internet. Later Microsoft donated the PhotoDNA technology to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children(NCMEC), who established a PhotoDNA-based program for online service providers to help disrupt the spread of child pronography online.
Bing, SkyDrive and Hotmail services are already using PhotoDNA Service and now Facebook has joined Microsoft in sublicensing the technology for use on its network.
Facebook which is a leading social media networking site is also a leading photo-sharing services in  the world. Use of PhotoDNA by Facebook further its commitment to keeping children from being victimized.This is a great step taken by Microsoft and Facebook in helping to make the Internet inhospitable to child abusers.

How Photo DNA Works?
Photo DNA aims to remove all exploiting images of child abuse from the internet but there was a really big problem as any photo which has been edited multiple times will have different signature for every file.
The basis for PhotoDNA is a technology called “robust hashing,” which calculates the particular characteristics of a given digital image — its digital fingerprint or “hash value” — to match it to other copies of that same image. “Like human beings, every photo is a little different” said Ernie Allen, president and CEO of NCMEC.
With billions of images over the internet its a very hard nut to crack. Photo DNA technology is able to find a way to create same DNA for these copies of a single image. Image is firstly converted into black and white, then cut into different grids and then radiant information is captured for each image. This radiant information is used to create a image DNA and if two images are found to have same image DNA then they must be same image.

Check out the video from microsoft which details how photo dna works

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