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Posted by Prashant on August 2, 2011 in Facebook,Featured,Social Networking

Block Facebook

Facebook is a place where you make friends and increase your network with your acquaintances , family and friends. But sometimes a situation might come when you decide to block someone from your friend list and don’t want to be friends with them. I know that unfriending someone on Facebook is a tough decision and you must be having a strong reason to do this.

To use Facebook Blocking feature go to Accounts on upper right corner of your Facebook screen , then go to Privacy settings. At the bottom of Privacy settings page, you’ll find Block Lists and clicking on ”Edit your lists” will take you to the screen where you can configure the blocking options.

Facebook’s  Block Lists address the following issues.

1. How to block users on Facebook

Facebook allows users to block anyone of Facebook even if he/she is not in your friend list. This blocked person will no longer be able to interact with you on Facebook. You can block someone by entering their name in the below box which will open a  pop up window showing all the users with this name on Facebook. You can then decide which user you want to block. Facebook also provides option to block someone using their email id. Facebook user who has this email id linked with his/her Facebook profile will be added to blocked list.

Block users on Facebook

2. How to block app invites on Facebook

If you have a friend who uses so many Facebook apps and floods your profile with  app invites and you have decided to block him. “Please don’t do this” because instead of blocking the friend you can block the app invites from a particular friend by entering his/her name in the below box and hitting enter.

Block app invites on Facebook

3. How to block event invites on Facebook

Similar to above option you can block event invites from a particular friend. Next time that friend sends you an invite for an event his/her request will be ignored automatically.

Block event invites on Facebook

4. How to block apps on Facebook

This is one option that I would definitely recommend every user to review and decide which apps you want to block. The reason I am emphasizing this is that once you allow an app (whether games or any other app) to access your data, that app can fetch your important profile data even if you are not using the app. These apps can access your wall posts, photos, your friend list, can post on your wall and can post on your friend’s wall too. In past there have been cases where these apps have shared user data with third parties violating Facebook policies. Although Facebook took strict action against any such reported app but it’s always better to be safe.

Block users on Facebook

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