Facebook Tips: How to get unique Facebook email id/ username

Posted by Prashant on August 3, 2011 in Facebook,Social Networking


Facebook allows every user to choose a unique name which will also act as Facebook email id. As part of other changes in Facebook’s look and feel , Account Settings in Facebook have also been made much more organized and easy to use.
Go to Account Settings on your Facebook Profile. Under the General tab you will find a field “Username” which will show your username if already set, otherwise you’ll see “You have not set a username”.

Get facebook username

How to get a Facebook username /email id?

Username that we are going to select in the next step will also be your Facebook email id. for e.g. if you choose username as ‘abc’ then your Facebook email id will be abc@facebook.com.
To choose username click on ‘Edit’ next to the field ‘Username’. Enter any unique name that you would like to have as your Facebook username/email id. If the name you want is available and is not already taken, Facebook will confirm it otherwise you’ll be asked to choose another username.

unique facebook user name

How to check your Facebook username?

Once you’re done with your selection, you can save the settings and go to your profile to check your username.

Address bar in you browser will show your profile URL as “http://www.facebook.com/username”.

You can also test your email id by sending an email to your new Facebook email id from your another email id. The email message will be received under your message section. You can also use this new  username to log into Facebook. Get your unique Facebook upload email id to directly post on your wall via email without even logging into Facebook.

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