Facebook Tips: Send email to post status & photos on Facebook

Posted by Prashant on July 3, 2011 in Facebook

Post status update and photos to FB via email

Imagine you’re in a meeting and just got to know about your promotion or your next foreign trip. You get excited but can’t share it with others as meeting has just started and will go on for 2 more hours. You can’t access Facebook in front of your boss but dying to update your FB status. Don’t’ worry just send an email to Facebook and everything you want will be posted on your FB profile.
Yes, FB provides upload via email options to every account holder on Facebook. To get your personal upload email id, go to Facebook mobile page. Under Upload via Email options, your personal email id will be mentioned which you can use to upload videos, photos and update your wall status. Before you go ahead and try this option read the below things.
Facebook Email
As this is your personal email id attached to your account, make sure you keep it safe and don’t share it with anyone. If anyone comes to know about your upload email id they can post and upload directly on your profile.
The email subject will be used as caption of your photo or video, or will become your status update if your email contains no photos.
Uploaded photos/videos will be uploaded to Mobile uploads album and made public by default. You “can change privacy setting of any photo album by going to your photos page and clicking “Album Privacy”.

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