Features of Music Beta by Google [Review]

Posted by Prashant on September 9, 2011 in Google,Website

Google music beta

Google’s Music Cloud service known as ‘Music Beta by Google’ is already up and running for quite sometime. Currently this service is available only for U.S residents but soon will be released for other regions too. After having a grand success from its video streaming service ‘YouTube‘ , now Google has its eye in arena of online music streaming service. ‘Music Beta by Google’ allows users to upload songs currently upto 20,000 which can be listened from any device like phone, tablet or computer.

Features of ‘Music Beta by Google’

Storage upto 20,000 songs per user

Each registered user is allowed to upload upto 20,000 songs which might reside on different devices. Music can be uploaded from iTunes library too and new music added to computer can be synced with online music collection.

Access Music from any device

Music Beta by Google allows users to listen to their uploaded music from any device like phone, tablet or computer. Initially Google launched an Android app for this music service and yesterday Google released web version of this service for iOS devices like Iphone, Ipod and Ipad.

Music beta by google

Listen to Music while being Offline

Users can also listen to recently played songs even if they get offline or not connected to internet. Recently played music is stored in the cache and remain accessible after the connection with online music service is broken.

Instant Mix for creating dynamic playlists

Instant Mix is a great feature for creating playlists which can be created on a fly. If you are in mood of listening to romantic songs, just select a song and then let Google create an Instant Playlist of the songs which go great together. You can also create your own playlists and can edit these playlists from any of your device. Any updates to music library or playlists will be synced and remain available everywhere.

Magnifier to get free music

Google also provides free music to its users using ‘Magnifier‘ which is an online music discovery site where users can add free songs to their collection and watch exclusive artist interviews and live performances.

Currently Google is allowing users to create free account for ‘Music Beta by Google’ and once you request an invite , Google will send it to you. To learn more about Google’s new online music streaming site watch below video


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