Free Text Mesaging on Android Phones

Posted by Mayank on February 8, 2013 in Android

Are you still paying for text charges? Shame on you, if you’re still paying for text messaging. There are a few nice apps for your smart phones, which will use your mobile data connection and not your text allotment. These apps also offer features like group chat and video sharing.

iPhone users can use iMessage and a few apps, which are well know. Today we will cover free text apps for your Android phones.

Free Text Messaging on Android Phones



GroupMe is the best way to chat with everyone you know. It’s free, whether you’re talking to a group of friends, or texting with one person. Best of all, it works on nearly every phone, with a smartphone app or via SMS. With GroupMe, it’s easy to reach anyone, anytime, anywhere.

On GroupMe, you can catch up with your family, get a group together for a night out, coordinate with co-workers, or just gossip with a few of your closest friends. Think about it like your own private Twitter, just for the people you really know. Or like a faster, better reply-all email.

Pinger TextFree

pinger text free + call free

Pinger is now Text Free and Call Free as well. It provides you Free SMS as well as free calling to any phone.
Pinger gives your Android phone free text messaging AND now free calling to any phone, including landlines and non-smartphones, in the US and Canada. Your friends don’t need Pinger to receive — they don’t even need to have a smartphone. You get your own real phone number that you can use to call and SMS any phone number in Canada and the US, even if you don’t have a calling plan.

Texting is totally free and unlimited. Incoming calls are free. You get 10 free minutes to start, then you earn minutes for additional free outbound calls. And if you run out of minutes, it’s easy to buy super cheap minutes. With Pinger you can call or text any phone number, even if they don’t have Pinger and even if they don’t have a smartphone!


voxer Voxer is a modern day Walkie-Talkie for your Android phone. Voxer allows you to easily and instantly communicate with one friend or a group of friends. Friends can listen to your message while you talk, or check audio messages later.

Forget about separate phone calls, voicemails, text messages and emails. With Voxer you can instantly send audio, text, photos, and share your location.

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