Friday Fun : Play Tetris on Mac

Posted by Mayank on September 9, 2011 in Mac

Fridays are kind of boring – you cannot wait to get out of office. So, what do you do to take your mind off that clock, which still shows several hours before you can leave office ? If you’re a Mac users, you can do something interesting like play the classic game, Tetris on Mac. Play it on the Mac Terminal and you’ll feel as if you’ve been taken a few years back. Isn’t that an interesting day to make your Friday interesting.

Open up your Finder and go to Application -> Utilities -> Terminal

Type emacs.

play tetris on mac 1

You will see a lot of text. Ignore it – you don’t need to understand all of it.

play tetris on mac 2

Press the “esc”, escape button on your keyboard, follow by ‘x’ and type tetris

The lower bottom of the Terminal will look something like this.

play tetris on mac 3

Press Enter and Tetris will start immediately.

play tetris on mac 4

Horizontal Direction Arrow keys are to move the block left or right.

Vertical Direction Arrow keys are to change the shape.

Use Spacebar to drop the block.

Have Fun! Enjoy!

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