Garmin Nuvi 2350LMT Review

Posted by Mayank on July 14, 2013 in GPS

Portable devices likes cellphones and tablets come navigational features and have stalled the once thriving GPS industry. GPS makers are finding it hard to convince new buyers to buy a GPS rather than using cellphones and tablets. However, dedicated GPSes still make plenty of sense for most of the drivers. Plus, they’re getting better than ever.

GPS are still relevant because they do minimize the distraction and help you keep your eyes on the road when driving. Also, you do not need to make use of multiple apps for POIs (point of interest like Pizza Hut or BP gas station or nearest rest area).

The GPS we like the most is the Garmin Nuvi 2350LMT.

Garmin nüvi 2350LMT Review

Garmin nüvi 2350LMT measures 2.9×4.8×0.6″ and weighs 5 ounces. It is made entirely of plastic, with a tapered soft-touch back panel that makes the unit comfortable to hold. The 4.3-inch plastic resistive LCD sports a class-typical 480×272 pixel resolution, and is bright enough for use in the daytime.

garmin nuvi 2350lmt

The main user interface is the very familiar, similar and loved Garmin interface. The POI database contains almost 6 million entries, and the categories and subheads are conveniently arranged. One of the features, which I like the most in new GPS devices are the advanced navigation features including voice-prompted turn-by-turn directions, lane assist, fuel-saving ecoRoute

All told, the nüvi 2350LMT is an excellent buy that’s well worth its price. Two other good options are the Magellan RoadMate 5045-LM ($100.99), which offers smoother POI entry if you prefer somewhat less informative navigation; and the Tom Tom XXL 550-TM ($140), a slightly larger, 5-inch unit that delivers the most road-trip data on screen, plus free traffic reports with no ads, albeit at the expense of detailed map graphics. The best unit on the market remains the Garmin nüvi 3790T ($255); it has a glass capacitive touch screen, much sharper screen resolution, 3D building views, and 3D terrain mapping, but it’s also much more expensive.

The Garmin nüvi 2350LMT, which includes lifetime map and traffic updates, a comprehensive POI database, and Garmin’s class-leading routing algorithms is easily the best GPS available in the market today. It’s a great value, especially since map updates alone cost $70 or more.

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