Get Invitation to join ‘Music Beta by Google’ [How To]

Posted by Prashant on September 9, 2011 in Google,How To,Website

In May 2011, Google launched ‘Music Beta by Google’ which is an online music streaming service by the search engine giant. Currently the beta version of the service is free for a limited time and users can get invitation to join the service. There are 2 ways by which users can join this online music streaming service where users are allowed to upload upto 20,000 songs and manage those from multiple devices, listen to those from anywhere, create playlists on the fly and many more features.

How to get Invitation for Music Beta by Google?

Below are the 2 ways by which you can get invitation to join ‘Music Beta by Google’

Method1 : Get Invited by Google

As currently ‘Music Beta by Google’ is free for a limited time so users can directly go to its website and log in using their Google account. If user already don’t have an account then they can request an invitation to join the service as shown below.

join google music beta


google music beta2


Method2: Invitation by a friend

Every registered user is awarded with 8 free invites so if you have any friend who has an account on this service,then ¬†they can invite you to join the service. Once you get the access to ‘Music Beta by Google’ then you can also invite your 8 friends by clicking on the invite button as shown below.

invite friend to music beta

Google is making changes to its major services like updating Google maps, new look of Blogger and launch of Google Plus. Also its recent acquisition of Motorola and Zagat shows the aggressiveness of the company that it has real big plans for the coming years. Just wait and watch!

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