Google+ adds Real Time Search and Improved Hashtag support

Posted by Prashant on October 19, 2011 in Google+


Recently Google+ added 2 new features i.e. Real Time Search Results and Improved Hashtag support, both features targeted to get live updates on events and topics. These 2 new features are part of Google’s effort to make Google+ strongest social network and thats why Google+ is implementing best  features for its current userbase of over 40 million. Introduction of Google+ Search in September 2011, was very much appreciated by tech community and other Google+ users. Now introduction of Real Time Search has provided more flexibility to the users and provides them with information as it is posted on Google+ or elsewhere. Hashtag support makes it easier for people to follow any particular event or topic at real time.

Real Time Search Results

When you Search on Google+ now, then you might see a message about a new post on the search topic. When you click on the message then new posts related to the search query will start appearing in your Search results. You can also go to the Most Recent Section in Google Plus Search and see all the new updates. Here is a complete guide to Google Plus Search.

Improved Hashtag Support

Anyone using Twitter is pretty much aware of Hashtag feature. It enable users to follow any particular topic or event based on the Hashtag. Users can also contribute to these Hashtag by simply adding the Hashtag to their post. On Twitter if any user wants to follow updates on a topic he/she can search for the hashtag and all tweets related to the hashtag are shown in results.

Now Google+ has improved the hashtag support for the posts. Though Google+ Search is very strong and will most likely show you the results related to  your search string but now adding a hashtag to your post makes that post automatically included in Search Results for that word/search string.

Vic Gundotra, Senior Vice President at Google, posted on Google+ “Together, we’re trying to make it easier to follow and contribute to live events on Google+, including breaking news, sporting events, and many others.”

Here is video by Vic explaining the new features


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