Google Docs Spell Checker now uses Web as dictionary

Posted by Prashant on March 21, 2012 in Google

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Google Docs Spell Checker will now use Web to check the spelling mistakes and provide suggestions. Earlier like other spell checker programs, Google’s spell checker used to utilize the dictionary for suggesting spellings and checking the mistakes. But with this new update today, now Google Bot will give suggestions based on what it learnt on the web.

There are many words which are not yet in dictionary but are widely used on the web for e.g words in pop culture like skrillex. Now while crawling the web, when Google Bot notices that a new term is getting very popular, it will add that term to its database and when next time you use that word, Google Spell Checker will give suggestions.

Another update to the this spell checker, will help provide contextual suggestions which means if you are typing a word with correct spelling but it doesn’t go with the context of the sentence then Spell checker will give the correct suggestion for that word that add sense to the statement.

As per Google, this update is currently available only for English words but will soon be extended to other languages.

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