Google improves indexing of images [Update]

Posted by Prashant on August 30, 2011 in Google

Recently Google quietly updated its indexing rates for images, which has improved the performance of Google image search. If you are a webmaster then you must be aware that Google indexes websites and new content at a much faster rate. Within minutes a post is published it’s indexed by Google and is shown in Google Search Results. Google Image search has to still go a long way to show results that satisfies the user requirement and improving the indexing rate of image is one step ahead in that direction.

Now Google has updated its indexing mechanism for images and images are indexed at a much faster rate than earlier. This update was recently shared on Google’s unofficial blog where a blogger noticed that after publishing a new post on his website, he could see the image in search results within few minutes. In the recent past, Google has made frequent changes to its search algorithm and released its Panda Update few months ago and then updated its page rank toolbar.

google image search

If you want to know how Google makes improvements to its search algorithm, check it here.

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