Google Offers Has Some Incredible Deals

Posted by Mayank on September 1, 2011 in Google

Google Offers is a deal-of-the-day website that was confirmed in January 2011 after a failed attempt to buy Groupon for a reported sum of $5.3 billion dollars. I believe Groupon did a huge mistake, but anyway Google Offers, which is in Beta right now has been offering some great value offers.

Head over to Google Offers homepage and you’ll find some incredible deals, including :

  • 80% OFF Deal : $5 for a $25 ticket of American Museum of Natural History in NYC Downtown.
  • 50% OFF Deal : Amoeba Music – $15 for $30 of music, movies and more in Oakland, San Francisco
  • 50% OFF Deal : $4 for $8 towards kava and Hawaiian fare in Portland.

google offers

As reported by Reuters, the 80% off deal for American Museum of Natural History also showed up in Google homepage. Google rarely uses its homepage for advertisements. It has occasionally promoted other Google products and services like Android phones or Chrome, but this is the first time Google Offers has popped up on the main page.

Soon Google will integrate Google Offers with Google Plus, Google Shopper and Google Wallet, so you can pay with your smart phone and show the shop keeper the coupon on it. I’m sure they will eventually integrate Google maps, email, and search as well. As of now a few cities are listed in Google Offers, but a lot of cities are about to join Google Offers.

Google had selected Portland as the first city for launch of Google offers and had great deals for them

Google Offers Oregon

Head over to Google Offers to get some incredible deals. Those like me, who live in cities not listed yet can subscribe and wait for the arrival of Google Offers in our cities.

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