Google Plus app launched using Google API

Posted by Prashant on September 16, 2011 in Google,Google+,Social Networking

stream+ for google+

Yesterday Google launched Google Plus APIs for developers allowing them to develop apps to fetch public data from Google Plus and within a matter of few hours we have one of the earliest app for Google Plus. App known as “Stream+ for Google+” is developed by +Mohamed Mansour who has a verified Google Plus account and contributed a lot in Google Chrome’s open source program. Sharing the purpose of app Mohamed posted on his Google Plus profile  “It uses your public stream data and classifies them (automatically categorizes) into topics that you can visually to understand your stream! It is like taking a look at your historical data on your stream in an organized manner 🙂“.

Stream+ for Google+” was developed within few hours using Google Plus APIs released today & without use of Google’s AppEngine or OAuth and only help taken was the online tutorial provide by Google Plus team on the developer blog.  stream+ for google+

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