Google Plus bar to remain floating inside Google+

Posted by Prashant on August 18, 2011 in Google+

Few minutes ago I finished writing post about starting hangout from YouTube and when I logged back in Google+ I saw one more update on Google+. Post shared by Google’s Senior Vice President +Vic Gundotra where Andy Hertzfeld ,designer and engineer in Google+ team tells us that Google+ is about to roll out new feature where black Google+ bar will remain floating even if you scroll down in you Google window to view stream posts.

Earlier Google+ bar used to remain on the top and wasn’t visible when you scroll down to read posts which are down below in your stream. But now with this new feature Google+ bar will remain floating and with it thicker grey navigation bar will also remain attached. Size and width of plus bar will change depending on the screen space i.e plus bar will appear smaller if you reduce the window size and much smaller or might not appear if you access Google+ from a mobile device.

Here is the latest updated video by Andy Hertsfeld.

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