Google Plus services shutting down [Update]


Posted by Prashant on September 6, 2011 in Google+

Google Plus is still in beta trial and has not yet released its API for the developer community allowing them to develop apps for Google Plus. Still there were few services related to Google Plus which were using Google’s Application Engine to fetch public data for Google Plus users. Few of such services are Social Statistics which ranks people on Google Plus, Google Plus widgets and others.

Google’s recent change in pricing policy of its Application Engine services has made really tough for few of these app provider to run their services. First one to quit running its services is PlusFeed app which used to create RSS feeds for Google Plus posts. I used PlusFeed service to post directly from Google Plus to Facebook using feeds.

Russell Beattie who is developer of the PlusFeed posted on his Google Plus profile

“Yesterday’s charge was $2.50 – which I already thought was excessive – but according to the new pricing announced today, the same traffic would cost $34.38”

Russell also posted sorry message on this PlusFeed service stating the reason for the shutdown of this App.


You can also check the pricing policy of Google’s AE services here.

After being crowned as fastest growing social networking website reaching 25million users within weeks, Google Plus has seen a slowdown in user engagement in recent days and now keeping the developer community away will only result in losing more users. On the other hand, Facebook is adding so many new features and doing whatever it takes to retain its users which seems to working perfectly fine. Mark Zuckerberg’s verified account has 494037 followers on Google Plus as of today which is nearly double than 296476 follower count of Larry Page. So I hope you got the point, that Google has to do lot more to make Google Plus successful.


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