Google Plus Tips : Add Google Plus Updates in Your Email Signature

Posted by Mayank on August 20, 2011 in Google,Google+

WiseStamp has released a Chrome and Firefox plugin, which will automatically add your Google+ status into your email signature.

Now you have a great way of keeping your your contacts up to date on your Google+ status even without them having to visit the Google Plus website? WiseStamp has released a new plug for both Chrome and Firefox browsers which can add your Google+ status in your email signature. The signature will include your status, provide a link so the email recipient can add you to their circles, and of course a link to install the app.

The Google plus Email App allows you to share your latest public G+ status in your emails. Let people Circle and follow you directly from your email. Every email you send will show your freshest public G+ update. WiseStamp works for several other social media as well like it is possible to add your Facebook, Twitter status in your email signature.

With the given push from Google, it seems as though it will become hard to miss Google+ status updates in the not so distant future. There are a lot of people, who still do not use Google Plus, adding Google Plus updates in your email signature will help you reach a larger audience.

Here’s in 3 simple steps how to add Google Plus updates in your email signature :

1. Install WiseStamp. It automatically detects your browser (Chrome or Firefox). If you use both like me, open WiseStamp and install it in both the browsers.

2. Once installed, click on the WiseStamp icon




3. Click on the icon and choose “Edit Signature” (or simply click on Tools ->WiseStamp). Design and customize your signature and add your Email Apps. You need to add Google Plus social icon and add your Google Plus ID URL.  





















4. When you send email from webmail, WiseStamp by default will Automatically insert your signature to your webmail, you can change this option on “Settings”.







5. It is possible to design your signature further like adding border etc. Have a look at the below video to get more information WiseStamp.


Using WiseStamp, you can do a lot of integration as well like

  • Add Facebook status in your email signature
  • Add Twitter status in your email signature
  • Add your blog in your email signature

Try it out and have fun!

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