Google Plus Tips : All About Google Plus Sparks

Posted by Mayank on August 4, 2011 in Google,Google+

What is Google Plus Sparks

Google Plus Sparks brings you stories from all across the Web based on your interest.

When you first arrive in Sparks, you’ll see a default collection of featured interests. These are the common interest categories and if nothing strikes your fancy, you can search for your interest. It is also possible to remove an interest, if you no longer are interested in the same.



Have a look at the below video from Google to know more about Google+ Sparks.

Results from searches in Sparks only show a preview of the content, enough to give you the flavor of the spark, but not enough to see the details of a story. If you want to see the full piece of content that a spark is based on, just click the title of the spark.

How to Share Your Google Plus Sparks

When you find something interesting in Sparks, you might want to talk about it with other people you know. Click Share to pull your circles into a conversation and ignite your spark.

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Add an Interest

You can add interests in Sparks to follow the latest stories you would be interested in. Search for an interest in Sparks, click Add interest. You can quickly access your interests by clicking the interest name beneath the Sparks link. The interests you add in Sparks are kept private, so, no one in the world will come to know.

Remove an Interest

Added an interest by mistake or not interested in something anymore? Remove an interest in Sparks is as easy as it gets. Beneath the Sparks link, mouse over the interest you want to remove and click the X.


If you choose not to receive email notifications when someone shares a post with you directly, you won’t ever receive this type of notification even when a sharer tries to alert you specifically via email. To get regular updates on Google Plus and other amazing stuff follow +Prashant Tyagi and +Apurva Tripathi on Google Plus.


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