Google Plus Tips: Best resources to get updates related to Google Plus?

Posted by Prashant on August 27, 2011 in Google,Google+

Since the launch of Google Plus we have seen frequent updates and new features added to Google+. In the beta trial version of Google+ , Google+ team wants to test each of these features with limited number of people before making it public. Google says that using this strategy they will be able to deliver the best product to the public, hence reducing number of complaints & concerns later. Addition of Games, notifications, ignore option, starting hangout from YouTube are few of such new features added to Google+.

If you happen to be an user of Google+ and want to know what new features are being added to Google+ , we have listed the best resources to get the updates on new features and upcoming features.

1. Google+ Help

Google+ Help which can be accessed by clicking setting button on the the top right corner of the Google+ bar , is the best resource for getting updates on new features added to Google+.  On the Google+ help main screen, you will find a section called What’s new in Google+” where you will be able to see the past updates as well. Previous posts are organized by month as release notes. As of now, you will be able to find the release notes for the month of July and August. These posts usually have a brief description related to the new feature and a video explaining the new feature. This is one such resource which you should regularly check for Google+ .

2. Google+ Team

Although major updates in Google+ will be available in Google+ “What’s new in Google+” section but there are many features which are shared publicly by Google+ team and are not available in help section. Google+ team might have done this to get more followers for their team of developers and product team. Whatever it is , you should also follow Google+ team to get other Google+ tips and new feature updates. We have a list of Google+ team which you can follow to get more updates.

3. Google+ YouTube Channels

If you love to watch videos more than reading text then , you can also learn about new Google+ updates on YouTube. If you notice that most of the new feature updates by Google+ team are in form of videos which are available on YouTube. But if you search on YouTube for Google Plus updates then chances are you might not  land on actual video release by Google but might end up watching other tutorials from non Google users. Below is the list of official Google channels which you can subscribe to get updates on Google+ directly from Google team.

YouTube Channel1 : Google Official Channel 

YouTube Channel2: GooglePlus Updates Channel

 4. Google+ Discuss

Google Plus also has a discussion forum where users can go and discuss about an issue, update and these discussion forum usually covers all the features of Google+ like streams, posts, games, hangout etc. including mobile versions of Google+ apps. You just need to join the group to start posting your own questions and answers. These forum are managed by Google+ community manager who interacts with users and answers their queries. Google+ Discuss is also a place where you can find issues, howtos and other updates on Google+

If you don’t want to invest time in checking all the above mentioned places for Google+ updates and other websites for Google+ topics, we also have an easiest way which will bring all the Google+ info right on your plate inside Google+. Just Follow Apurva Tripathi & <a href="“>me on Google+ where we share all the latest tips & tricks related to Google+.

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