Google Plus Tips: Create Tag cloud from Google+ Posts

Posted by Prashant on September 24, 2011 in Google+

‘Tags’ are usually single words, normally listed alphabetically, and the importance of each tag is shown with font size or color. You might have seen it on many websites where they use it show the tags for the content on the website. Bigger the size of a tag(word) in a tag cloud , larger would be the content for that word.

On Google Plus, you post lots of stuff like status update, web links, any other idea and all of these will increase over the period of time. Release of Google+ API for Public posts has helped developers in creating various apps like this one which we will be using to create Tag Cloud from Google+ Posts.

Step1 : Go to All My+ app

Go to All My+ app and enter you Google+ Profile Id which will be the numeric part in URL of your Profile. e.g. If you profile URL is then your Google+ Profile Id would be similar to “107275373214129344656. After noting this Id, paste this in All My+ App as shown below.


Click ‘Submit Query‘ once done.

Now All My + will fetch your Google Plus public posts and show an analysis of gathered data. It can show maximum of 25o latest posts as its a limitation of Google+ API. Now copy the URL from All My+ app URL e.g

Step2: Creating Tag Cloud using Tagxedo

Tagxedo is another app which helps to create tag from any URL submitted to it. Utilizing this functionality we are going to create a tag cloud for the URL that we got in the Step1. Go to Tagxedo and Click on the ‘Load’ Button on the left hand menu as shown here and in the next window submit the URL captured in the last Step.


loadsubmit URL

After you click Submit, Tagxedo will start generating the Tag cloud and within few seconds you will get you Tag Cloud for Google Plus posts.

Step3: Change design of Tag Cloud

Tagxedo has many shapes which you can use to design your tag cloud for Google Plus. In the lower section of left hand menu, there is a “Shape” button using which you can change the shape of you Tag Cloud. Different shapes available for tag clouds are LOVE, Sparrow, Squirrel, Dolphin, Heart, Tree, Music Symbols and many others. Here are few of the Tag Shapes that I generated for my Profile.

dolphin tag cloud



sparrow tag

By following above steps you can create cool tag clouds and can save them too. Enjoy Google+. 🙂
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