Google Plus Tips – Easiest Way to See All the People You’re Tagged With

Posted by Mayank on August 27, 2011 in Google,Google+

Seeing photos that you and your friends are tagged in together is a great way to reminisce. It really brings great joy to look at those photos, especially if you had a good time together. Google Plus has rolled out a new update with which it has become very easy to see all the people you’re tagged with in one page itself!

Until now it was a cumbersome exercise to see where all you’ve been tagged. You had to click between profiles to see all these photos. Not any more!

Easiest Way to See all the People You’re Tagged With

1. Logon to you Google+ Account

2. Click on Photos icon in the top bar

3. Choose Photos of you on the left.

4. Click View all next to Photos of you with and you’re there!

Assuming your friend has shared tagged photos with you (or the photos are public), you can do the same on their photos page. For example, here’s Vic Gundotra’s tagged with page:

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