Google Plus Tips : Get Facebook Feed in Google Plus

Posted by Mayank on August 11, 2011 in Google,Google+

If you are still waiting for someone to send you a Google Plus invite, you can get one for free – ttp://

I had this invite, but I really did not need it, so you can have it for FREE. Remember, it is valid only for the first 150 lucky ones.

If you are a Facebook addict and you are already using Google Plus or became a member using the free link above, you can start exploring Google Plus and you can make use of an extension, which will allow you to get Facebook feed in Google Plus. Since Google Plus is not public yet, it is not possible to get Google Plus feeds inside Facebook yet. You can subscribe to our website to know as soon as this feature is available.

All you need to get this Facebook extension is to get extension for Chrome or Firfox or IE, depending on which browser you prefer to use and your dashboard will look something like below :

Google Chrome users can install the Chrome extension named Google+Facebook

Firefox and IE users can install the extension named Google+Facebook.

Close and restart your browser once it is installed. Logon to Google+ and you should be able to get Facebook Feed in Google+.
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