Google Plus Tips : Get Twitter and Facebook Icons Inside Google Plus

Posted by Mayank on August 10, 2011 in Google+

Google+ has taken the next step towards reaching more people. Though Google Plus is still by invite only, each existing Google Plus user has received 150 invitations to be sent. Google Plus has been gaining popularity as well and Google is experimenting with having Google Plus influence Google search results. So, will Twitter and Facebook become irrelevant? I don’t think so, at least for the time being they’d be a force to recon with. So, would it not be nice to have one platform, which gives you access to all three – Google Plus, Twitter and Facebook?

Till Google Plus becomes public – Twitter and Facebook won’t have an option to integrate Google+ in their website. In the mean time, there is a pretty good option for Google Plus users using either Chrome or Firefox or Internet Explorer browsers. Once you install the Twitter and Facebook icons inside Google Plus, the modified dashboard will look something like this :

Google Chrome users can install the Chrome extensions named Google+Tweet and Google+Facebook

Firefox and IE users can install the following extensions : Google+Tweet and Google+Facebook.

Once you’ve done the installation, close and restart the browser.

Click on either the Twitter or Facebook icon to start enjoying Facebook and Twitter inside Google Plus. You’d be able to carry most of the Facebook and Twitter activities from Google Plus using these extensions. So, go ahead and enjoy!
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