Google Plus Tips: Google Plus helps you create circles

Posted by Prashant on September 12, 2011 in Google,Google+,How To

google plus circles

In Google Plus tips section, we cover tips and tricks which help you learn and utilize Google Plus to the fullest. If you want to know about circles you can read our earlier post. Recently I noticed one thing in Google Plus while creating a new circle i.e. Google Plus suggests you the name of Google Plus circles as well. By default when you create an account on Google Plus, you’ll find 4 circles already present which are Friends, Family, Acquaintances & Following. Chances are that you might have to create more circles to categorize your contacts to better handle sharing posts on Google Plus.

It’s common for people to take time while deciding the name of a new circle and few usually create a circle by just giving it any name so that they can later rename the circle and give it more thoughtful name. I think Google Plus team already knew that this is a common scenario and decided to address it firsthand. Now when you create a new circle and type an alphabet to start entering the name of a circle, Google Plus automatically suggests you commonly used names of circles. It helps you to choose a circle name which could suit your requirements and is more logical.

Google+ helps create circles

In the above example when I typed alphabet ‘P’ , I was automatically shown few common circles names which I could choose for my new circle. Though Google Plus doesn’t suggests name for all the alphabets but it covers majority of most commonly used circle name. So next time if you want to create a new circle, your friend called “Google Plus” will be there to help.

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