Google Plus Tips: How to add/remove tabs on Google Plus Profile?

Posted by Prashant on August 11, 2011 in Google+,Social Networking

Google+ is still in its beta launch and it has already crossed more than 25 million users which is much faster than the initial growth of Twitter and Facebook. People have already started liking it and few have even stated that Google+ is very big threat to other 3 major social networks i.e Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. With the launch of Iphone and Android Apps for Google+, Google has already shown that it is heading its way up in social networking very fast.

There are several features like circles, sparks, streams, huddle and hangout to enhance the user experience on Google+. User can also customize the look of their profile and decide how it should look to their circle and anyone else on the web. Here we will guide you through the steps on “How to add/remove tabs on Google Plus Profile”.

Default Tabs in Google Plus

When you create a new Google+ Profile, by default there are four tabs i.e Posts, About, Photos and Videos that are visible to anyone on the web.

Default_Tabs_on_google+Google+ gives you an option to choose which tabs you would like to be visible on your profile¬†except ‘Posts’ and ‘About’. Heading of these 2 tabs will always be visible although the content under these tabs will only be visible to those with whom it has been shared.

How to add/remove tabs in Google+?

To add/remove tabs on your Google+ profile, go to your profile and click on ‘Edit Profile’ blue button. After that now click on any of the tabs on your profile. Now under each of these tabs except ‘Posts’ & ‘About’ you’ll see an option “Show this tab on your profile” and checking this field will make this tab visible on your Google+ profile.


Once you’re done selecting the tabs that you want to appear on your Google+ profile, hit ‘Done Editing’ button.

Google+Tab visibility

Few things that you should consider before selecting tabs to display on your profile.

  • Posts & About tab heading are always visible on your Google+ Profile.
  • After unhiding Photos and Videos tab, only those people with whom you have shared your Picasa albums or Google+ pics will be able to see those.
  • You can choose to show your +1 tab also but everything on your +1 tab is visible to “Anyone on the web”. There is no option to share it with a selected circles. Google says that +1 are your recommendations on the web so they are always public but whether you want to show those on your Google+ profile is totally your decision.

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