Google Plus Tips: How to bookmark Sparks results in Google Plus

Posted by Prashant on September 13, 2011 in Google+,How To


Google Plus Sparks is a kind of Google alert where so can add your interest and Google will get the stories related to it from the web and show in your sparks. You can read those interesting stories, do a +1 and share them with your friends on Google Plus. But  these sparks results are updated dynamically and as new content appears, old content will be removed. Even if you did a +1 to that result , there is no way to track it and also it doesn’t appear under your +1 tab.

I’ve found a way using which you can save and bookmark your Sparks results which you can read later too.

How to bookmark Sparks results in Google Plus?

Step1: Create a new circle and name it “Spark Bookmarks” or whatever name you like.

Step2: Go to Spark results and find the interesting post that you want to read later or want to bookmark.

Step3: Share the Spark result only with “Spark Bookmarks” circle.

Spark Bookmarks

Step4: Check this new circle for your bookmarked result.

Post in Spark Bookmarks
Now whenever you want to visit your bookmarked stories, just go to “Spark Bookmarks” circle and read it.

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